Saturday, November 22, 2008

Empresa en el Frente, Fiesta en el Fondo...

is the

...but do I like it?

pero, a mi me gusta?
the little-er they get, the more I have to point.
The little kids that hit me; My new shorts were ripped on the butt, and my how they laughed.

A man who said he was a puppeteer- took interest in Tranqui. His eyes were very close together, but his Tranqui-Meter was sharp, I could tell.

There are some people who seem to understand Tranqui on a level that perhaps I don't even understand his fantasy; but there is a sense that something is seen or felt or experienced that both I and they can connect with.
It is this unspoken connection- perhaps just a momentary pause for reflection, fleeting- that I admire so much.

They stop and stare while I stare at them. A moment passes– of confusion, of thought, of wonder– and then our eyes meet.
We smile from a distance as they walk away.

I adjust my vest, replace my shades, and return to character.

Tranqui Went to Caballito 16-11

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Kate Stanworth

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Caballito!- NOV. 9 Domingo!

Veni a ver Tranqui Yanqui en su piel este domingo, mañana ( 9 NOV.), de frente los dinosaurios, por el parque centennario, en la unica Caballito que hay.....