Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That was the Realest Shit.

Everything was lovely man
hey y'know everybody's talking about the good ole days, everybody, the good ole days the good ole days
well let's talk about the good ole days

First it got sunny, and Tranqui had to put on some Sunglasses in Sept. '08.

The T.Y. empire began to EXPAND.

the BACK was declared the new FRONT.

and T.Y. made a special announcement at the beginning of 2009

Word started to get out; not everyone in 'la nacion' was as Tranqui about it.

but the Trank kept on walkin.

and decided to kick some ASS along the way.

and then again.

and pretty much hasn't stopped since.

except for a brief, promise, very brief. R & R back in Tranquilandia, Miamiando-ing.

I look forward to a new Tranqui day. See everybody very, very soon.
- T.Y.
Special Thanks to the Wu-Tang clan for some fresh ole insight.

Friday, January 15, 2010


When to consult YOUR Inner Tranqui:
The following is a simple guide to consulting your inner tranqui, a 'how-to' for when and where is right.
1. At times when shit just ain't tranqui enough.
2. When you're hungry
3. If some pretty lady ain't being tranqui.
4. What color shoes to wear.
5. What color shorts to wear.
6. What color tank-top to wear.
7. Which condiments should be on your super-pancho/super-hamburguesa.
8. Not enough monedas for the colectivo.
9. On the dance floor.
10. Chamuyando.
11. Which litro is ideal.
12. When you ain't got no dollas.
13. When you're hustlin'.
14. At the chinos.
15. When MJ comes on.

more appopriate situations coming soon...
W.W. T.Y. do?


Monday, January 4, 2010

Old friends Reunite.

Dos amigos se reencuentran para festejar un cumple abajo de las estrellas frias en el florida:
cerveza, chistes, y tantas novedades para compartir.
'Tener buenos amigos, de confianza, que te aguantan en tiempos malos y tiempos buenos- no hay nada más tranqui que eso.', según Tranqui Yanqui, es así.