Wednesday, August 25, 2010

El Trankito Gil meets Barbie...

Tranqui Tees 2010

Hola Barbie, me llamo Tranqui.

Está por llegar la primavera,
y estás pensando un cual sería tu remera más tranqui este temporada.
No hay que pensar mucho.

Tranqui Shirts for Girls.
El tranqui peacock/ El trankito gil.

lugar: Barbie Store, Buenos Aires
modelo: Zoe Eve McIntyre
fotos: Chaya Calmus

Monday, August 23, 2010

where have you been Señor Tranqui?

While you've been away, we have been suffering.
Absorbed by domestic duties, your lavish lifestyle, or taking a retreat from Tranquilandia- none of it matters to us.
We don't care. We want more. We want you to come back, now.
What can we expect of you? Can we expect it tomorrow? The next day? Then when?
Don't disappoint us Tranqui.
You've brought us this far, don't abandon us now.
We are counting on You, Señor Tranqui.
Señor Tranqui, Esperamos en Vos.
fotos: Stephanie Osgood Choate