Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Letter of Appreciation.

Dear Mr. Bob Marley Painter Man,
My concerns are boundless, but let's start here:

WHY, are you so good?
HOW, do you know so much?
At once, I feel pity & admiration.

You are the perfect showman, the perfect spectacle, The perfect brand. In short, the Perfect Artist.
I see, I hear, I understand what you do. And, I want to do it too.

I envy your simplicity and your perfectly paint-splattered shoes. I envy the way you can be so nonchalant, you can smile and wink at me. You, more than anyone else, can wear all black.

Your hair is perfect, your message so clear, the Applause so loud.
You leave me speechless, thoughtless, and deaf with gratitude.
More than anything, I envy the deep and restful sleep you must find at the end of your day, knowing you've done so well.

To You, I extend my warmest thank you.

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