Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Money, Hoes, and Clothes- All a Tranqui Knows.

Part 1: Frikstailers Remix Major Lazer's 'Hold the Line'...
Part 2: Talent and Hot girls arrive.
Part 3: Tranqui steps in, designs some cool shit, busts a few moves, kicks a couple asses...
Part 4: Breakdancers do cool flips, video shoot goes on...
Part 5:
A Mass of Kardboard Art: Iguana guitar, Pinky the Cockatoo on a bicycle, Tranqui Bucks...

Part 6: T.Y. takes a loaf of bread, bag of chips, 3 muffins and some peanuts on his way out.
Escucha el tema HERE.
Video Coming Soon.

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Hey Tranqui Yanqui!!!
Big big big big thanks to you for participating with your amazing work in this video for our remix! =)
We're relly happy with the beauty of the work you made for this video.