Wednesday, September 30, 2009

By Bike or by Flight...

Tranqui Yanqui Fashion Show Part 2: Halloween Edition
30 de octubre, Niceto Club: Lado A

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tranqui DAM done it.

Desde Palermo Trucho hasta Palermo Soho: Tranqui Yanqui exponiendo obras en el boutique DAM.

Por primera vez en un local bíen 'Tranqui', el artista Tranqui Yanqui selecionó una serie de musculosas y shortcitos para mostrar en el unico local de ropa de verdad con mucha, mucha onda. Cuelgan algunos clasicos como la musculosa 'Tranquify that Shit', más algunas nuevas prendas como 'Los cockatoo Shorts'. La muestra pega con el cambio de la temporada, justo en tiempo para el primer dia de primavera.
Tranqui no es Yanqui sin Capitalismo. Llevate un acessorio original de T.Y. y hagas tu parte para mejorar la economia para Tranqui y para todos.

For the first time in a place well 'Tranquilo/Calm?', the artist Tranqui Yanqui has selected a series of tank-tops and little shorts to show in the only real
clothing store with chill vibes. On display are some classics such as the tank-top 'Tranquify that Shit', plus some new additions like "The Cockatoo Shorts'. The show goes along with the new change in seasons, just in time for the first day of Spring.
Tranqui is no Yankee without Capitalism. Purchase a Tranqui Necklace and do your part to improve the economy for T.Y. and for All.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Money, Hoes, and Clothes- All a Tranqui Knows.

Part 1: Frikstailers Remix Major Lazer's 'Hold the Line'...
Part 2: Talent and Hot girls arrive.
Part 3: Tranqui steps in, designs some cool shit, busts a few moves, kicks a couple asses...
Part 4: Breakdancers do cool flips, video shoot goes on...
Part 5:
A Mass of Kardboard Art: Iguana guitar, Pinky the Cockatoo on a bicycle, Tranqui Bucks...

Part 6: T.Y. takes a loaf of bread, bag of chips, 3 muffins and some peanuts on his way out.
Escucha el tema HERE.
Video Coming Soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

no te olvides de mí.

Tranqui hasn't gone Anywhere,
He's going Everywhere.

A Tranqui Haiku or Two:

Sell my Tranki Shit
With L.A. camera crews
Uncool Interview

Tranqui Brand a Full
Hot pink Iguana Guitar
Kumbia Video bitch

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