Friday, January 15, 2010


When to consult YOUR Inner Tranqui:
The following is a simple guide to consulting your inner tranqui, a 'how-to' for when and where is right.
1. At times when shit just ain't tranqui enough.
2. When you're hungry
3. If some pretty lady ain't being tranqui.
4. What color shoes to wear.
5. What color shorts to wear.
6. What color tank-top to wear.
7. Which condiments should be on your super-pancho/super-hamburguesa.
8. Not enough monedas for the colectivo.
9. On the dance floor.
10. Chamuyando.
11. Which litro is ideal.
12. When you ain't got no dollas.
13. When you're hustlin'.
14. At the chinos.
15. When MJ comes on.

more appopriate situations coming soon...
W.W. T.Y. do?


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