Thursday, June 17, 2010

El Tranqui ATM está por llegar...

I have this crazy idea.
I'm going to build an Empire around a pseudo alter-ego of myself/of yanquilandia/of buenos aires.

I'm going to create my own clothing, my own costume, a super-hero version of myself- part gangster - part rock star- part insane artist.
I'm going to make everything out of garbage and paper. I'll adorn it all with paintings of the things I love.
I'll proceed to do performances, talk with people in the street, put on fashion shows, and live part of my life through this personality.
I'll make my own money, and my own cash machine to follow. I will become the cash/the art. I'll put myself inside the ATM.
I will make the transactions.
It's all going to happen. I promise it will.

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