Monday, January 17, 2011

T.Y. Wear Reviewed

"Yooo, just got the shirts man, nice job. From a consumers point of view, everything is top notch from the packaging, tag, the art, quality overall, and expecially the shirts they are printed on. Unreal fabric, and great print. This is going somewhere man, your putting out quality stuff, and people take notice. And the extras you included will be put to good use. Everyone is REALLY stoked!"
-Stephan, Florida, USA

In case you weren't SOLD.... Tranki Costumers call the shots.


ichheissederek said...

D'accor with Stephan. Are you going to any trade shows with your products?

tranqui yanqui said...

It would be cool!! But first I need to make more... Would have to be in B.A. anyway... I'm here again!