Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Shout-Out.

An epic journey across 5 European countries, plus a short stint in New York City, has brought the Trankster to a pause.
Back in my hometown of Miami, I've had some time to reflect on the amazing experiences I've had, the people I've met, and what the literary term 'Tranquify that Shit' actually means to those who have no idea who the hell T.Y. actually is.
What began in Buenos Aires nearly 4 months ago (in fact, more like 3 years ago, when Tranqui was born) has evolved in ways I could not have predicted. An artistic cardboard character fabricated out of some crazy notion of Miami Pop mixed with Buenos Aires flavor, American kitsch, and Porteño style, has allowed me to twist perceptions, play with cultural stereotypes, meet some random and totally cool people, all the while having a pretty good time sharing my art along the way.
I want to extend thanks to all my friends and family for helping me so much throughout this process.

Special thanks to my kickstarter peeps as well; an overdue shout-out as promised is here: Carolina Escobosa, Jean Cozzens, Natalie Castellanos, Prescott Trudeau, James Martin, Anna Rothschild, Michael Koritschan, Livio Tschill Yah, Gates Bradley, Carla Doughty, Deb Coolidge, Cayce Moyer, Christine Moyer, Rebecca Friendly, Fran Krenick, Steph Choate, Jonny Robson, Mario Caputo, Michael Lockridge, Chase Hamilton, Diego Beyró, Jack Dart, Kimberly Tabor, Agustina Menendez, Kristin Mahshie, Kate Stanworth, Jenny Benitez Wilken, Jon Ruiz, Rachelle Beaudoin, Paricia Sparks, Judy Maloney, Naomi Campa, Uncle Rich, Aunt Sandy, my brother and Meghan, and my mom.

How Tranqui and the Tranqui World evolve now, with so much culture under His belt, is anyone's guess. Stay tuned for more.
See you soon Buenos Aires.

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