Monday, March 23, 2009


Tranqui plans to Market himself as a Risky Toxic Asset!
(As if Toxic wasn't risky enough)
He's in cahoots with Che, secretly planning a socialist revolution against all that is tranquified, sellable, and awesome. Falta one thing, Sponsorship! Invest 'the loot' in T.Y. today and reap the beneficios of a money-free society tomorrow!
Send some money to Tranqui and we'll get this shit rollin'!
Pesos Accepted, Dollars prefered.


sam said...

you should set up a pay pal donation page! way easier. How else am i going to send you buxxx

tranqui yanqui said...

a breath was not wasted.

Joshua/// said...

Maybe you should talk to the Chinese.