Monday, March 9, 2009


Where Che and Tranqui cross.
'How does it feel to be a symbol?'
'A symbol of what?', replied Tranqui.

'Of the revolution of course.'
'We are all symbols of this movement, I am merely a spokesperson with a tall hat.'
'You do realize what this all means, don't you?'
'I was unaware.'
'Well, of the significance of your actions- the symbolism vested in your contribution to what is before us.'
'As I said, I speak for something larger than myself for which I have no control over. I try to manipulate my perception of things by wearing glasses made of cardboard. Perception is manipulated quite drastically in this way.'
'Don't you think this revolution will be stopped by some force greater than yourself? That you, as an individual, are limited in your potential to change our perception?'
'Limitation sees no boundaries; I don't lose sleep.'

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