Monday, May 4, 2009

Tranqui Goes Underground. Intervention Linea B.

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Florencia said...

Hei Yanqui. If your objective is to surprise, make an intervention that is some kind of fresh air in the awful routine that means taking the subway everyday i would say "mission accomplished". But I read in the newspaper that you intend to make fun of the whole "yanqui tourist stereotype". In this case, I think that what you do in the subway - that is, selling cheap items- is more of an argentinian thing than a yanqui thing. Can you maybe explain what you meant or you are the kind that things that art should be explained by itself?
Cool concept no matter what! cheers

ps: i am argentinian

Florencia said...

typo. with "things" i meant "thinks"

tranqui yanqui said...

Hi Florencia!
Thank you so much for your thoughts. To answer your question, Yes, in some ways, Tranqui is a way of making fun of myself and the image we often carry of an ignorant, pop-culture obsessed Estadounidense.
In other ways, T.Y. is about the place where cultures meet and overlap. I am intrigued by people who live marginally, who find some 'niche' to live in that doesn't fit perfectly into the designated structures built into our society. I find this lifestyle parallels that of what an Artist tries to do.
With the Subte, again, I'm playing with 'labels' we attach to people. As an American, peoples' expectations of what I 'should' be doing are often limited. Switching roles raises valuable questions. What if I am the immigrant? What if I am the seller on the Subte?
I find it's helpful to challenge these rigid expectations of WHO belongs WHERE just because of their nationality or cultural affiliation.

Florencia said...

Now that you explain your objective and point of view, it all becomes a little more clear to me. It is just that, as an expectator, I do not get that message straight ahead. If i see you in the subway, it is very unlikely that I will think "this a guy who wants to switch roles and breake the stereotype of what an argentinian or yanqui is supposed to do". But it may be just me. Probably it is because of what I studied, Communication, that I have this tendency to try to deliver messages in a very straight-forward, obvious way if you know what I mean. But I think you have a point, yours is an art expression and not journalism or anything that requires to be fully understood at once. Maybe is that "what the hell..." reaction that you are expecting to get from the audience.
Anyway, I am living in Norway now. Hope to see you in the B line next time I visit my country. Cheers

Franz said...

Alguien dijo una vez "Los Estadounidenses son los unicos que pasaron de la barbarie a la civilización sin pasar por la cultura."

El G said...